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Do It Yourself Eyebrow Shaping

Hair and makeup help to enhance your looks but on your wedding day don’t forget your eyebrows. Your makeup artist or hairdresser maybe able to shape them for you.Eyebrow Shaping 

It can take a bit of time to shape your eyebrows at first but once it’s done just a bit of maintenance every other day will keep them in shape.  I find it’s easier to pluck the strays as they appear rather than letting the shape grow out & having to start again, it’s a lot less painful too.

Here’s a helpful guideline to get you on your way.

1) Your brows frame your eyes so work out where they should be. Hold a pencil on the edge of your nostril  straight up to the start of your brow. With a makeup pencil, preferably white, draw a dot.

2) Then hold the pencil so that it cuts across your outer iris to your brow, mark it with another dot, this should be your arch.

3) Finally hold the pencil out to the end of your brow this is where it should finish, mark with another dot.

This is now the guide to follow to shape your eyebrows.

Pluck any stray hairs that fall outside of these guides, but be cautious it’s easy to pluck too much. Pluck a few at a time & keep stopping to check the shape. Don’t rush it.

If there are any long hairs they can be trimmed easily by brushing with an eyebrow brush & trimming the tips.

 If you don’t like the look of eyebrow pencil then use a bit of eyeshadow similar to your brow colour. Apply along your eyebrows to give definition without a hard line.

Happy Plucking!

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