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Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

I’m Getting married in December, how do I make my makeup last?

Firstly, call your mobile makeup artist and make a booking for a consultation and a trial before the day, probably in early November so you can wear the makeup and be satisfied that it will last.

To be honest there is nothing you can do about getting hot and sweaty in the Australian summer but you can be prepared.

You could try a foundation that is long wearing, there are many brands on the market & if you are using a makeup artist then talk about different products with them. Carry a powder compact with you, a translucent tone so that you are not adding more colour to your face. This should have a mirror, so you can do a quick touch up before photos and arriving at your reception.

If you don’t like the long wearing foundations then I would still recommend the compact powder but there are also little packets of “blotting paper” made especially for mopping up any oil on the skin and therefore reducing the shine. A small packet of tissues are also very handy if you are likely to get very sweaty.

Have fun,