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Hair for your wedding day

Hair for your wedding day

Whether you go to a salon or enjoy the convenience of having a mobile hairdresser come to you on your wedding day you Wedding Hair Styleshould probably have a pre-wedding trial. Once you have decided on a style it will be one more item you can tick off the list and not have to worry about.


I have noticed a trend that is softer & more natural. Soft curls gently pulled up and back on the sides, pinned with beautiful hair jewels for some glamorous glitz.

Also softer styled chignons, pulled back loosely or slightly to the side, with a stunning crystal hair clip or slide to accentuate the style.

Try to look through magazines to get an idea of looks that you like, even if it’s just the fringe, or the back, it all helps to communicate with your mobile hairdresser to create the style for you!